Meet Joske

“With full dedication, I work to ensure everything comes together for your most important and special day. Your passion, inspiration and excitement is what I take and transform into memories that will last your lifetime."

Joske Kunst-Moenis is the face behind Hagelwit.

A 'Professional Wedding Planner' and member of the BWPN, her characteristics of style, decisiveness and humor describe Joske perfectly. These qualities have enhanced her ability to organize a multitude of major national and international sporting and sponsored events in recent years.

When it comes from the heart, this allows her to instill as much meaning as possible into the events she organizes. What could be better than being able to contribute this full dedication to one of the most special moments of a lifetime, your wedding.

Joske has a substantial and trusted network within the industry that help her in turning multi-faceted high-end events into unprecedented successes. Locations from large to small, outside or indoors, together with Joske, you will find your dream location and venue. From small-scale events to a large wedding spread over multiple days, Joske is happy to support you in making your dreams come true.

At home, she is supported by a loving family with her husband and two young boys aged four and six. This supportive home environment gives Joske the flexibly to be readily available to make your wedding an unforgettable moment.