Bespoke weddings

Hagelwit is specialized in full-service planning & design of bespoke weddings with an authentic, elegant and pure touch. For every step of the way or just a small part. You make the decisions and leave the rest up to Joske! She brings you vison to life!

#1 Get to know Hagelwit

Your journey will begin with an initial meeting with Joske.
We’ll carefully review your ideas and desires to align her services for everything leading up to your big day.

#2 Proposal

After our meeting we’ll collaborate to provide a unique bespoke wedding proposal for you.

#3 Plan of Approach

Based on a second interview the plan of approach Hagelwit provides you with an in-depth overview of every step of the way. Everything will be clear and transparent.
Part of the plan of approach involves, for example, choosing the best vendors that meet your ideas and desires. Just think about venues, photographer, styling, etc. Joske will handle it all. A detailed timeline for your dream wedding is also included, to ensure your big day runs smoothly. 

#4 You! The bridal couple!

What does the most beautiful day of your life look like?
What are your deepest wishes? What makes you unique?
Joske will take care of the details.

#5 The day

The steps that we have taken previously together will lead to only one goal
"the guarantee of your unforgettable wedding day".